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Each of us brings our skills and experience in education, facilitation, the creative arts and civil society to the table. Collectively, we are driven to channel these abilities for the betterment of the community, and aim to make meaningful contributions through our shared skills and experiences.

The man pulling radishes
pointed my way
with a radish.

- Kobayashi Issa


Delia Meyer

Managing Director

Delia Meyer is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in performance, live art, art interventions, and text. She is the creative director and trainer of Bonfire Freestyle Theatre Company, providing safe and engaging interactive experiences for personal and organizational transformation. Delia facilitates workshops in Inclusivity, Transformation, and Cultural Awareness, while also serving as a curriculum consultant, lesson plan advisor, and workshop designer. She holds a Masters degree in Applied Theatre from Steinhardt, New York University, with a focus on Theatre of the Oppressed methodology. Delia is also a poet and creative writer, sharing her skills through Writing and Performance Poetry workshops. Additionally, she offers Voice Coach training and mentors emerging artists as well as teachers in arts-based Methodology.


Naren Sewpaul

Organizational Development Consultant

Naren Sewpaul is a development consultant at Zakheni Transformative Arts Centre, serving as a social artist, cultural innovator, and creative entrepreneur. With a background in integrated arts education and music composition, Naren advocates for community resilience and social solidarity economy. He provides leadership support for arts organizations and networks. Naren finds solace in nature walks and biodanza, enjoying the creative aspects of his work.


Judi K. Stewart

Facilitator and Editor

Judi K. Stewart is a facilitator of multicultural language classes for international students. She is also a screenwriter, editor, and filmmaker. Her works include short films and documentaries such as 'Grind Your Mind,' 'Butternuts,' and 'The Voice of Mbira Music.' In 2022, she edited 'The Writer's Toolkit: a resource for writers and screenwriters.' Writing is her chosen medium of expression, and she is passionate about using the arts and education to bring about positive societal transformation.

Judi K 2021.jpeg

Mapheyeledi Sibindlana

Researcher and Consultant

Mapheyeledi Sibindlana is an Occupational Therapist, spiritual counselor, and healer. She is passionate about human development and people's capacity for self-healing and awareness. She serves as the Director of Rootfed consultancy and is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Cape Town, conducting research on violence, health, and healing.

Mapheyeledi Sibindlana.jpg

Alison Lazarus

Peace-Building Facilitator

Alison Lazarus specializes in mediating and facilitating dialogue, aiming to foster creative competence among individuals in communities and organizations. Her extensive expertise spans across three sectors: education, peace-building and organizational development, and government and non-governmental organizations, including the United Nations and civil society organizations. Alison's unique approach to service is characterized by being "inspirited," which entails harnessing the power of imagination, intuition, and spiritual intelligence to drive meaningful change.


Zakheni Transformative Arts supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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