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“Empathy is the most powerful weapon.”- Augusto Boal

Current Projects

Dialogue and Performance

Capacity-Building and Training

Creative Arts Mentorship

We contribute to social inclusion and conflict resolution in communities, organizations and institutions through the use of storytelling and theatre. We promote dialogue on important issues through facilitation and mediation with a holistic approach using Applied Arts methodology and Playback Theatre with Bonfire Freestyle Theatre Company.

We enhance community well-being through grassroots research, training, capacity-building and job creation. We partner with organizations and individuals working with youth and adults in order to strengthen the capacity of health, education and community development professionals to enhance and support their own wellbeing.

We create opportunities for young artists to express their talents and perform with the Bonfire Freestyle Theatre Company. We mentor youth in the arts community, encouraging collaboration and skills-sharing. If you are a performing artist with experience in improv, contact us about joining a rehearsal. 

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