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Our Past Performances

Our performances tackle pressing contemporary issues that affect specific communities. Through the practice of "ARTivism," we employ interactive theater as a means to initiate conversations and dialogue surrounding social experiences and challenges. Here is a concise overview of the topics we have explored:

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International Exchange

Centre for International Exchange for American students in South Africa.
*Playback Theatre. (2018, 2020, 2022)


Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day event: performance at University of the Western Cape.
*Playback Theatre. (2020) 

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Nelson Torres’ lecture “Next Great Texts” at the University of Cape Town on
de-colonialism and epistemology:“On Leaving White Epistemology Outside the Door.”
*Short performative intervention using Playback Theatre. (2019) 


Black Consciousness

Book Launch: “Time to Remember. Reflections of Women from the Black Consciousness Movement. Narratives that bear testimony to the human
spirit” compiled by Sam Moodley. Adapted Shahida Issel’s short story contribution into a theatrical piece
*Playback Theatre. (2019)

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Nurses Conference

Nurses conference: University of Cape Town Medical School.
*Playback Theatre. (2019)


Interfaith Conference

Interfaith conference: closing event at The Novalis Ubuntu Institute
*Playback Theatre”. (2018)

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Youth Day

Camp Joy: Recovery Retreat Centre for Youth Day
*Image Theatre and Forum Theatre. (2017)


The Imam and us

“The Imam and us”, a show commemorating Imam Haroun (an anti-Apartheid activist) 50 years after his passing, directed by Basil Appolis at Artscape.  
*Adapted the last chapters of the book into a theatrical piece and act
ivated James Matthew’s poem dedicated to Imam Haroun. (2020)

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