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"Zakheni" means ‘build’ in Xhosa and Zulu. We encourage participants to recognize themselves as agents of change, drawing on individual and collective powers, and contributing our own talents, to building a stronger society through Zakheni Transformative Arts.

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life.” - Oscar Wilde

About Our Organization.

Zakheni Transformative Arts is a non-profit organization that uses performing art disciplines ranging from storytelling to music and dance to spark positive change in South African communities. Using interactive programmes, we engage and empower people by creating dialogue relating to issues facing our communities. As multidisciplinary artists and “ARTivists,” we strive to redress pervasive inequalities by igniting community transformation and building social cohesion.

Applied Arts

Applied Theatre operates beyond the scope of theatre for entertainment. It blurs the boundaries between actors and audience, encouraging all participants to become actively involved in creating meaning. The practice is experiential, encouraging reflection on issues related to personal development, community well-being and social justice, through embodied representation.


The objective is process-oriented, engaging audiences in the present moment, rather than creating a performance for a traditional audience. Through the practice of Applied Theatre, participants gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their colleagues and the issues at stake.

Vision Statement

We believe the arts can transform the world. We envision positive changes in South African communities by creating interactive performances and projects that inspire reflection and shed light on complex social issues.

Strategic Three Year Goals:

Increase the number of freelance actors employed by Zakheni Transformative Arts by 30%.

We aim to facilitate job creation in Cape Town and provide opportunities for artistic expression for community members.

Provide employment opportunities for women and youth in the arts.

Creating positive outlets for women and youth is essential to our mission.

Establish consistent creative spaces for our theatre company by facilitating monthly shows.

Our actors will thrive when we add stability to performance scheduling.

Expand our online presence to share local culture with a broader audience.

Expanded social media presence will help share local artistry and grow Zakheni's visibility.


The best way to serve the community is to partner with organizations that share our values in order to work towards addressing the challenges together.

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